tania estevez

Hello!  I’m Tania.

I am a freelance illustrator and designer based in London, mostly working with traditional tools like watercolour and pencil, but also complementing my work with digital techniques.

I work in many kinds of projects and create illustrations, artworks, and designs for publishers, brands and private clients. My interest revolves mainly around portraits, fashion illustration and watercolour botanicals. I also enjoy exploring other subjects and I am always open to interesting and new projects.

In addition to that, I am constantly creating my own artworks. I have available a selection of prints and original art in my online shop. Also, you can find my work in showrooms and stores around the world.

If you think we can work together please send me an email to


This is a selection of my latest projects.

In my portfolio, you can find projects from illustration for advertising, editorial illustration, packaging design, branding… to custom artworks.

sephora portrait
elemis boxes
make up illustration
watercolor portrait
editorial illustration
branding logo
the shop

A collection of prints and original artworks by Tania Estevez.

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