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Illustration for Los Ahoras’ new planner 2018. As a good lover of order, I love a good planner so much. In fact, I love all kind of notebooks, sketchbooks, calendars… everything that can be used to plan things and make to do lists! (I know, you love it too). Also, I am always happy to collaborate… Read More »




Digital Illustration | Mermaid for Elemis This year I am working with the brand of skincare ELEMIS in many ocassions, as for the bespoke mermaids for the launch of their new product in London and New York (you can see some pictures about this project here) and for their digital illustration. I am super glad to collaborate… Read More »


Painting Giveaway


Painting Giveaway! Don’t miss the opportunity to win one of my original artworks! When I did this painting I was experimenting with the technique and with the process itself. And if I have to say the truth I remember painting it straight from my gut. Without previous sketches or colour palette. And it was a… Read More »


Live sketching at Glitzbox Yesterday I had the honor to be at the Glitzbox launch party sketching some of their guests.  I love the concept of this start up so I’m very glad of having taken part of this amazing event. It was such a new great experience! I had never done this kind of live… Read More »


Live painting and demonstration with Escoda brushes Last Friday I had the opportunity to be painting in one of my favourite shops in London: the Great Art store in Shoreditch. I did a demonstration painting with Escoda Brushes. Such a beautiful experience! 🙂 There I met Montse, one of the members of Escoda’s team and… Read More »


Mermaids for Elemis


Mermaids for Elemis new product launch Summer is here! and London is getting really warm but I’ve been doing a very refreshing project for Elemis these days! I painted some gorgeous mermaids on Elemis’ boxes for the launch of one of their new products: Pro-Collagen Marine Oil. By the way, I recommend you to try… Read More »


My favourite art tools


My favourite art tools I think I’ve never told you about my art tools like brushes, pencils, papers… and which are my favourites. If you spend a lot of time working with this kind of tools, and you love as much as I do to try new things, this post is for you! It would… Read More »


How to take pictures and show your artwork  I am always looking for inspiration! And not only for my paintings and illustrations but also for the pictures to show my artwork. Now more than ever it is really important to spend time creating good pictures to show your work in social media or your website.… Read More »


How to stay organised as a freelance illustrator or artist I get a new idea almost everyday. I try to explore and develop those ideas but if I have other things going on at the same time, it is difficult and I usually leave them like that. Only ideas. Is because of that it is… Read More »


The creative process: Where to find inspiration I am always looking for new inspiration. I seek it from all kinds of sources and I think the inspiration can appear from anything, you just have to look at it. That reminds me of a Henry David Thoreau’s quote: “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s… Read More »

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